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Rhonda Bachner
David Jordan Bachner
January 16 1991 - August 11 2009

I remember being a kid, sitting in what seemed liked endless hours of my third grade classroom, and that all my teacher thought about was poetry and all I thought about was baseball. She thought poetry was a really important thing for us to learn and I thought she would benefit from playing a little baseball. While sitting around talking about rhymes, haikus and free verses it never did make any sense to me, why we were not learning about pitching, catching or how to steal second base. I wondered then, as I did throughout my entire life, why don’t people stop sitting around and start PLAYING BALL? My mother says I was practically born with a ball in my hand, even as a baby all I wanted was a ball. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I do know that there was never a time when I didn’t want to play ball – mainly baseball, but in a pinch, any sport would do. I remember how many hours my first little league coach, Steve Petrucelli and many coaches after that, spent teaching me what seemed like the impossible task of getting the ball to the plate. I spent hours standing on the mound, learning to pitch. I remember being so little that no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t even reach home plate!


My parents knew that there was nothing more important to me than baseball and they spent thousands of dollars and countless hours investing in baseball lessons for me. I soaked information in like a sponge, for instance where to place my feet, how to hold the ball, how to have the ball leave my hand so that it went where I wanted it to go, which was always over the plate! I went home and practiced every chance I got. I remember thinking how weird it was that all my friends could talk about was “after the game we could go get pizza”….After the game???? I never wanted to take my uniform off, never wanted the game to end, who cares about pizza when we could be playing baseball!


Perhaps the highlight of my baseball career was playing high school baseball. As a freshman, I met Coach Boyce, who was not only my coach, but my mentor, and my biggest advocate. I put my WWPHSN uniform on for the first time and I was just so proud. I couldn’t wait to get on the field! And Coach Boyce spent hour after hour teaching me to pitch and how to “get my head in the game.” He taught me the value of a team - we win as a team and we lose as a team. Coach Boyce was by my side the entire way – from freshman year to the end of my senior year, from the first pitch, to the last pitch. I knew when our team when 9-2-1 that it was a record that made Coach proud. I knew that each time I pitched a shut out game that the team got stronger and stronger as players and as a team. The only thing I really ever did care about was what I now call my “baseball lifestyle.” It the world of what was important in life there was Baseball and everything else was detail. So now you can get why when asked to write a poem it would be about baseball and not some haiku on the seasons…you can guess the only season I care about is BASEBALL SEASON!


November of 2008 ... National Signing Day ... David chose Seton Hall University to play Baseball .... 

 David's dream was to play baseball at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey ... It was a Division 1 College and was a member of "The Big East". David was Seton Hall's first round draft pick ... David was a "Southpaw" ... and he was a great one at that. David passed away two weeks before entering college ... he never got to live the dream he worked so hard to achieve ...


Our 2009 Northern Knights
Our 2006 Northern Knights
My 200th Strike Out ...

This was David's 200th strike out on May 12, 2009 .... 


Senior Legion 2007
Varsity Baseball Trip to Florida 2007
David 2009


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