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Rhonda Bachner
David Jordan Bachner
January 16 1991 - August 11 2009

David, Haley and Scott

 David's friends were a huge part of his life ... They were all so special to him ... He had close relationships with his friends. He loved to hang out with them and was always there to give advice and to help them ... but his favorite two things of all time I think would be playing video games ... and wiffle ball. 



David, Carolyn and Taylor

 David and Carolyn hanging with Taylor...


Mike, Eric, Adam, David, Chris and Adam

David and his boys ... fond memories of there Senior class trip to Disney ...


Sarah, David and Carolyn

 David at Disney


Chris, Courtney, Carolyn, David, Alex, Deeksha, Kimmy and Sarah

 David's girls with Goofy ... Oh and of course Chris ...

David and Scotty
WW-P High School North


David and Drew


David, Steven, Alex and Chris

 The Beach after Prom


Matt, Drew and David

 Another Day at The Girandola's. David spent lots of time there.


David and Hillary

 David's Baseball banquet 2009


Mike, John, Glenn, Scotty, David, Coach, Eric, Kyle, Eric and Chris

 Prom with the baseball team, Coach and The Stat Girls. Photos were taken at David's house.


David and Carolyn

Hanging out at the beach after Prom ...


Carolyn, Lauren and David


David, Tommy and Joey

 Not quite sure what is going on here ...


Mike, Eric and David


David and Alex


David and Kimmy


David and Chris

David Having fun
Deeksha, Arti, Alex and David


David and Eric


Sarah, David and Alex


David, Rosie, Alex, Carolyn, Mike, Deeksha and Kimmy


Scott, Deeksha, Adam, Chris, Carolyn, Alex, Glenn, Courtney and David


David and the girls

 At the beach, day after the prom ...


David and Friends at graduation


Pep Rally

Ali and Joey and David in the background
David, Hope, Blaire and Mike


David and Carolyn "The Rookies"

The Boys
David and Alec
Washington Seminar
David at Seton Hall
David and Chris
Timmy and David

David and The Girls ... "Blue Hole"


David and baseball team in Florida Airport

David and Louie
David, Glenn and Scott
Go David!!!! You won that dance concert!
Scott, JT, David and Brandon
Chris and David
The Blue Hole

Washington ... Good Times ...
Romeo and Juliet ... David and Alex
David and Scotty
David, Carolyn, Kimmy and Sarah
David, Carolyn and Haley
David and Adam
David and Adam
David and Drew
David and Friends
David and Adam
David signing at Seton Hall
David being David

David, Carolyn and Scotty
David, Mike, Deeksha, Chris and Adam
Just Hangin'
Just David
Eric and David
Chris, David and Timmy
The Boys
Chris, David and Timmy
Scotty, David and Chris
David and Drew
Sarah, David, Chris and Kimmy
Cassie, Garvin and David
Frankie and David
Hope, David, Erica and Haley
Carolyn and David
David and Natalie
David, Mikey and Tommy
Briana, David, Courtney
Caroline, Glenn and David
David being David
David and Scotty
Chris, David and Peanut
David and Garvin
David and The Girls
Drew, David, Carolyn, Deeksha and Scotty
David and Hillary
David and Carolyn, beach after prom
Come here and dance "My Pretty" ...
Washington Seminar
Kierston and David
Doesn't get any better than these two good friends ...
David and Scotty
David, Jack and Chris
David and Rosie at 2008 Baseball Banquet
David and Scotty ... 2008 Baseball Banquet
David at Baseball Banquet in 2008
David and Meg
David and Victoria at Victoria's Junior Prom ...
David and Dan
David and Jenna
David and Sarah
David and Rosie
David loved to jump in the photo
David, Scotty and Drew
David and Deeksha
Clowning Around
David and Jessica
David and Adam
David at Washington Seminar Dance Contest ....

David WINS!!




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