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Memorial created 04-13-2010 by
Rhonda Bachner
David Jordan Bachner
January 16 1991 - August 11 2009

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08-11-2010 2:05 PM -- By: LINDA scarpa,  From: staten island NY  

David tears i look at all your pictures . so much meaning to all of us. i know mom goes back to that time you were so happy laughing and having fun the way it should be for our boys. Life gone too soon. i love to visit you david just to see you being david so happy . Love you and mom lindajoeysmom 

08-11-2010 10:54 AM -- By: denise king,  From: Cumberland R.I.  


08-11-2010 10:33 AM -- By: Tom Hagen,  From: Minnesota  

Today is your 1 year Angel-versary in Heaven, David. I know your family and friends will be thinking about you & always remember your will never be forgotten. Bless be his memory


08-11-2010 9:54 AM -- By: Cassie ,  From: North Carolina  

David, I know I didn't know you well but I know that you were a great person to everyone. You made a differnce in everyones lives.

I was online this morning and "May Angels Lead You In" began to play on my iTunes then I refreshed my page and your picture appeard, it took me a minute to realize the date. I still wonder why you, but you will never be forgotten. And as I can see here, your love went from coast to coast, north to south.

God bless your family and rest in peace, David.

08-11-2010 9:32 AM -- By: Debi Baker,  From:  

Rhonda and Angel David~ wanted to let you know that you are being thought of.  David, please send your mom lots of angel love and signs.  It is so difficult here on earth without our children.

Forever in our hearts

08-11-2010 8:36 AM -- By: Kathleen,  From: Maryland  

Your son has the same heaven day as mine, 8/11/09. For me, the "bad day" is the 9th because that was the day of his accident.

David: surround your family with angel hugs and featherlite kisses.

08-10-2010 9:58 AM -- By: Denise Keylon,  From: Texhoma, Oklahoma  

 Thinking of you and praying for you.  My Kody, 15, LOVED baseball....I am sure they are best buddies in heaven!

08-08-2010 11:55 AM -- By: Christopher Boyle,  From: Hightstown  

I never met you David but i heard so many great stories about you from friends. Sad to see that this had to happen. You will never be forgotten. Sorry and love you.

08-07-2010 9:33 PM -- By: Barbara Peace,  From: Daytona Beach, Fla  

My prayers and thoughts are with you....

07-31-2010 10:16 PM -- By: Judy,  From:  

Sending you loving thoughts and prayers today

07-31-2010 3:43 PM -- By: Tara,  From: Tennessee  

I found myself looking up old bug juice cast members on facebook and i found Rhett. Figured i would find some silly old photos from that summer at camp. The show i watched when i was little on one of my fav channels instead i came across an amazing story of a young man. A story that would stay in my heart forever. As a lover of baseball and a girlfriend of a player who has also pushed himself like david. It truly hurts me that david will never reach his dream. Although i never met david i feel as from his story he would have wanted this. Even after his passing to help younger children reach their dreams. The story truly warms my heart to see the legend he has become and will forever be. May sound silly coming from one who never seen or spoke to david but i do not feel silly as i sit here and write how a young man has changed me. DJB May you rest in peace :)

07-28-2010 4:19 PM -- By: Karren Fleet,  From: Ashland, MA  

What a beautiful tribute to your Angel David..RIP David...{{{HUGS}}} Karren Fleet, Angel Dave's Mom...♥ ʚϊɞ ♥

07-22-2010 7:58 PM -- By: Madhu,  From: ww-p  

Hey, i just wanted to say im very sorry for your loss.Even though i didnt know david i can tell he was an amazing person. im sure he will never be forgotten.


rip DJB

07-19-2010 7:31 PM -- By: Kim Green,  From: Lawson, MO  

07-18-2010 9:05 PM -- By: Eli Dock,  From:  

What a beautiful memorial tribute..... I enjoyed all the photos and having a sneak peek into this amazing persons life.

Thank you Rhonda for all the effort you put into this for people like me to enjoy. I feel like I know David more and understand how deep your love as well as grief run. God Bless.

07-18-2010 12:42 AM -- By: MJ Titsch,  From: WW  

We miss you D-Bach.

07-16-2010 7:03 AM -- By: Kimberly Mair,  From: Deltona, FL  

My husband and I just lost our 12-yr daughter on June 2nd.  I am her 2nd mother for over 10 yrs.  This is really hard on us.  You have a beautiful story of your handsome son. 

Thank you

07-11-2010 12:46 PM -- By: Carol Ann Loehr,  From: Maine  

Thank you for sharing David with us!  David had such a wonderful smile. The website is so well done.

I am glad we met through facebook...Carol

07-11-2010 10:09 AM -- By: Lisa Wippel,  From: Simcoe Ontario Canada  

 What a beautiful tribute! as i said 1 in a million!!  to you Rhonda and the rest of his family!! ((hugs))

07-06-2010 10:01 PM -- By: Mary Kay Jones,  From: Pennsylvania  

Hi, My husband and I were at the TCF conference in DC. Sorry we did not get to meet you. I was looking at the names of those who attended and are on FB and came across this site. It is truly a wonderful tribute to your son, David - and I thought I was all cried out:>) Our son's name was David too. He was 17 and also loved sports. I hope they are together. Seems they would get along well together. I think I might have a picture of the bib you wore on your back during the walk. I took it because it said David. Will send...Hugs, Mary Kay Jones

07-06-2010 3:35 AM -- By: Annie Cain,  From: Launceston, Australia  

 You are so loved. God bless you David

07-04-2010 7:21 AM -- By: Arlene,  From: South Africa  

Another beautiful Angel in Heaven.

06-29-2010 1:25 PM -- By: Theresa Sitko,  From: Sellersville PA  

 Its just so hard to lose our children.

06-29-2010 1:25 PM -- By: Theresa Sitko,  From: Sellersville PA  

 Its just so hard to lose our children.

06-14-2010 5:26 PM -- By: Glenda Montague,  From: Northern Ireland  

God Bless you david and look after your loved ones here on earth xoxo

06-11-2010 9:34 AM -- By: linda scarpa,  From: staten island NY  

So many tears David such a happy young boy . so full of life so loved. Oh God i watched your videos David and cried. jsut wanted to give you a hug. tears. Mom gave you a gift of love and LIfe. your a special angel David. Playing ball in heaven i bet . Joey love to play. not as good as you . but he played. God bless you angell love you so mcuh. prayers to mom 

06-09-2010 8:42 PM -- By: Louis Weitz SR,  From:  

I will always remember you David

05-30-2010 11:41 PM -- By: Brandon's mom,  From:  

Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and David.  Baseball season used to be so exciting for us, now I dread it.  I can not bring myself to go to the fields and watch the games, my husband spends most of his time there.  I know that our boys are surely playing in Heaven and having a great time.  It will be a glorious day when we get to sit in the stands again and cheer them on.  Sending you loving thoughts and prayers

05-30-2010 3:50 PM -- By: Tom Hagen,  From: Minnesota  

Just to let you know David's heart memorial is on Steven's Teen page 4. Click on his picture to take you to his VM site. Bless be their memory

05-28-2010 10:34 PM -- By: Lisa Ford-Berry,  From: California  

A loving and beautiful memorial - he was an exceptional young man.




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